Clarkdale, Arizona

“Former Company Town”

Clarkdale was founded in 1912 by William A. Clark as a company smelter town for his copper mine in the nearby town of Jerome. Clarkdale was one of the most technologically advanced company towns of its time. Some of the luxurious amenities included telephone, telegraph, electrical, sewer and spring water services. However, when the mine and smelter closed down in 1953 due to drastically lower demand for copper after World War II, Clarkdale fell on to hard times. After being bought and sold several times as a company town, Clarkdale eventually became an incorporated town in 1957.


While most company towns grew haphazardly, from the beginning Clarkdale was carefully planned. One of William A. Clark’s ambitions was to own one of the most modern and carefully planned company towns in the world that would supply his employees with every modern convenience possible. Clarkdale is one of the earliest examples of a planned community in the United States. While Clarkdale is no longer a company town as its properties are independently owned, it still reaps many benefits from being so carefully planned out from its founding.

Make Clarkdale the destination for your next trip to Arizona! With an abundance of attractions, shops, restaurants, and lodging options, you’re sure to find whatever it is that you’re looking for in Clarkdale, Arizona!

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