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The Jerome Police Department is located at 305 Main Street in beautiful downtown Jerome. Main Street, also known as Arizona Highway 89A, is the only north-south road that travels through Jerome.

The police department is housed in the lower portion of the Jerome Town Hall. Town Hall was built in 1899 of brick, rebuilt in 1929 of poured concrete, it housed the Town Hall, and the Fire Department was located in the space now occupied by the police department.

The former police department was located on Hull Avenue in an area of town that was effected by the land slides of the late 1930's. The building, built of poured reinforced concrete, actually slid about three hundred feet to the position it presently lies today. It is known as "the sliding jail".

Jerome Police Department

PO Box 335, Jerome, AZ 86331

Telephone: (928) 634-8992

FAX: (928) 649-2776


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